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The Blacksmith in Scotland

The blacksmith was a man of importance who worked with two elements, which were held in awe by ordinary people - IRON and FIRE! Iron and other metals were considered powerful tools against witches, fairies and all the powers of darkness. Therefore the blacksmith could make metal items-horseshoes, ect. as symbols of good luck or protection from bad luck. The blacksmith could baptize and marry people from pre-Christian times, and often even after Scotland became Christian. Gretna Green’s Blacksmith just over the boarder from England was a popular place to legally elope even in modern times. Metal object were thought to be lucky. Iron nails were hammered into furniture, cradles, and ships to ensure protection from harm. Small metal charms were sewn into garments, too! Of course blacksmiths also forged armor, weapons, household items like knives, hearth utensils, pot handles, and naturally lucky horseshoes and branding irons.

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